Ryan Tubridy reveals more details about the Late Late Toy Show 2019 and we can't wait 10 months ago

Ryan Tubridy reveals more details about the Late Late Toy Show 2019 and we can't wait

Ryan Tubridy has revealed even more details of this year's highly-anticipated Late Late Toy Show. 

The TV and radio presenter was talking about the annual Christmas extravaganza during the RTÉ New Season 2019 launch on Thursday.

He revealed some key details about this year's edition of the show - including the date, and some very, very heavily-veiled hints about the theme.

He explained to Her:

"I have a theme for the Toy Show, yes I do. We generally come up with the theme for the Toy Show after the [previous year's] show ends."

He recalled how, after The Greatest Showman-themed Toy Show last year, a song had inspired him to start to come up with this year's theme.

And, now, the details have all been confirmed - including which character he is going to be.

***Embargoed untill 30/11/2018*** Repro Free: 29/10/2018 The theme of this year’s Late Late Toy Show was revealed to be The Greatest Showman. Host Ryan Tubridy and the cast of hundreds have prepared for the most magical night of the Irish television. Pictured with Ryan are some of the cast Tatto Man Dylan Allen (5) from Navan, Napoleon Luke O'Connor (7) from Dublin, 3-Legged Man Kayla McMahon (10) from Balrothery, Pierrot clown enya Allen (5) from Navan, Fatman Mathew Little (12) from Dublin, Bearded Lady, Alannah Willoughby (12) from Carlow and Wolf Man Colm O’Sullivan 98) from Navan, Albino Ella Maher (10) from Carlow. Picture Andres Poveda

He said:

"We had a meeting last week where we confirmed the details, confirmed the character I'm going to be."

He added that he had a "good idea" of what would differentiate this year's Late Late Toy Show from last year's - and it's all down to a story he heard over the summer.

Keen to not give too many details away, he continued:

"I should be a bit vague about this, as it's too far away and I don't want to give anything away.

"I met somebody during the summer and they told me a nice story of their dad being on the Late Late Show with Gay Byrne some years ago.

"It had to do with her father, whose a good vintage now, and computer games - which I don't like, but we show them on the show anyways.

"Something started to percolate in my head. The theme started percolating in my head, and I thought, 'I think we know where we're going to go now.'

"We're going to have fun - [but] we always have fun on the Late Late Toy Show."

Time to put on our detective hats and figure out these clues - the countdown is officially on.