Sarah Paulson won't have a 'significant' role in American Horror Story season nine 8 months ago

Sarah Paulson won't have a 'significant' role in American Horror Story season nine

It just won't be the same.

Sarah Paulson reportedly won't have a major role in the new season of American Horror Story. 

The 44-year-old actress has appeared in all eight previous seasons of the anthology series - and usually in a pretty major role.

However, Variety report the actress won't have a "significant role" in the upcoming  American Horror Story: 1984 

The news comes as another American Horror Story star, Evan Peters, confirmed that he would not be taking part in season nine.

Earlier this year, he said he was going to "sit a season out" when he was asked about his level of involvement in season nine.

His response was shared on Twitter by a journalist for US entertainment site, Extra. 

This is the first time that Peters will not star in the series since its debut back in 2011.

Since then, he has played a school shooter, a cult leader, and a mass murderer. His roles have required him to shoot scenes that involve gruesome killings, sexualised torture, and mental deterioration.

The anthology series will return to FX in North America on Wednesday, September 18.

Most of the plot details (OK, basically all the plot details) are being kept under wraps this season. However, based off a teaser Ryan Murphy shared earlier this year, it looks like the season is going to be heavily influenced by '80s slasher films like Friday The 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street

American Horror Story has already been renewed for season 10, which is expected to air in 2020.