The Sex and the City movie is officially on Netflix and that's our weekend sorted 1 year ago

The Sex and the City movie is officially on Netflix and that's our weekend sorted

Autumn is officially here.

The leaves have started to change colour; it's gotten a lot, lot colder and the temptation to stay in and catch up with the latest offerings from Netflix is way too real.


Thankfully, the streaming service have come to the rescue this weekend - adding none other than Sex and the City: The Movie. 

Yes, really.

The big screen continuation of the iconic series follows Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big after they move in together in an impossibly beautiful apartment in New York City.

Things start to spiral out of control after they make the big decision to get married: the guest list expands from 75 to 200+ people and Carrie's meant-to-be simple gown becomes....well, anything but.

An upcoming photo spread in Vogue puts the event--which will take place at the New York Public Library--squarely in the public eye.

But everything changes after one of Carrie's beset friends inadvertently causes Mr. Big to jilt her at the alter.


If you're looking for more information on what's going to be coming to Netflix in the coming weeks, you can find the list of everything arriving in October here.

The streaming service recently announced they were going to be releasing a whole slew of horror movies next month, for the month that's in it.

Some of next month's most highly anticipated Netflix additions include Paul Rudd and Aisling Bea's Living With Yourself and Meryl Streep's The Laundromat.