Shane Ross's childhood home is, in fact, Marianne's house in Normal People 3 months ago

Shane Ross's childhood home is, in fact, Marianne's house in Normal People

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Shane Ross has revealed that Marianne's house in Normal People is actually his childhood home, and that his parents would be "mortified" if they knew of the carry on that the pair were getting up to behind closed doors.

The outgoing Minister for Transport grew up in Knockmore House (which is situated in Enniskerry, not Sligo), a beautiful structure that dates back to 1850.

He told The Independent: "I think my parents would be absolutely mortified by what’s going on in their house, which was a haven of morality."

Incredible scenes.

This inevitable mortification would likely be triggered by the show's early scenes in which Marianne and Connell share a moment of passion in her sitting room.

They begin their physical relationship in Marianne's home, eventually graduating to Connell's family bedroom where they have sex for the first time - a scene that has received much praise for its portrayal of intense intimacy as well as the importance of consent. 

Ross, unfortunately, has not yet watched the series, but remains adamant that when he does get round to it, the experience will be "sentimental."

It will also break your heart into 1,000 tiny pieces, but let's not go there just yet.

This comes after a few folks on the internet discovered that the Italian villa that Marianne and Connell stay in during episode eight of Normal People is actually available to rent on Airbnb. 

Just 35 minutes outside of Rome, the villa sleeps six people, has access to a pool and garden area, and will only set you back 40 quid a night.

Just don't go until it's safe to do so, obviously.