The Italian villa from Normal People is on Airbnb for 40 quid a night 2 months ago

The Italian villa from Normal People is on Airbnb for 40 quid a night

Just don't go until it's safe to do so, yeah?

In episode eight of Normal People, Marianne invites Connell to hang out in her Italian villa with her friends.

Whether this was a good idea or not is beside the point. They're in a stunning villa in the Italian countryside. There's a lot of sexual tension and intense emotion. It's great to see.

And while many of us may have lamented the fact that a group of Irish folk got to spend an entire summer in a gorgeous gaff while the rest of us are stuck at home barely leaving our own homes, it turns out that the villa from Normal People is actually available to rent on Airbnb.

Just don't actually go until you're allowed to, alright?

Situated about 35 minutes outside of Rome, Il Casale Tenuta Verzano is a family-owned villa that features a pool, a stunning view, and a lot of Roman charm, all for the incredibly reasonable price of €40 a night.

The villa is currently offering a discounted rate of just €28 per night (!), but naturally this is due to the massively decreased rates of travel because of the Covid-19 pandemic, so you shouldn't be going anyway.

But when it's all over, lads, get on it. Honestly. Live your Connell fantasy.

Argue with your obnoxious boyfriend over strawberries and cream. Storm out to the incredibly scenic pool and have a bit of a cry. Sleep in the same bed as your ex boyfriend and have a bit of a kiss.

A divine scenario for all involved.

The villa has two bedrooms that can comfortably sleep six people, a pool, a fully functioning kitchen, a hair dryer (class), and a TV.

Guests will also have access to the park surrounding the villa, a chance to take in the authentic rustic charm of the countryside all the while having a lovely cheap enough time.

One to keep in mind once we can travel again, for sure.

You can check out the Airbnb here.