Strictly's John Whaite says most of show's couples have "no attraction" 1 month ago

Strictly's John Whaite says most of show's couples have "no attraction"

"We are just the ­conveyors of their sexiness, basically."

Bake Off winner John Whaite has weighed in on the prevalence of the alleged 'Strictly Curse' and stated that he and his fiancé have very little to worry about.


Whaite, who is currently dancing alongside Johannes Radebe in the show's first same-sex male couple, said that despite the apparent intimacy of the show, it really doesn't lend itself to immediately falling for your dance partner.

"When you spend that much time with someone, you see them warts and all," he told The Sun.

"I think I've burped in Johannes' face, I might have even farted at one point. There is no attraction because you see sweat and everything.

"If you could see our sweaty underpants, you wouldn't find us sexy. As we peel our costumes off and wipe off our make-up, you'd think, 'Oh my God, they're rank!'"

Whaite, who is currently engaged to his partner, John Atkins, said added that he doesn't think the appeal of the series lies with the contestants, but with the show itself.

"It's the glitter, it's the make-up, it's the vast teams of people who work so hard to make us look good on the dance floor," he said.


"We have to learn our steps, ­obviously, but you've got Vicki Gill and Lisa Armstrong's hair and make-up team. You've got so many people busting their gut to make it look good. We are just the ­conveyors of their sexiness, basically."

Two couples have already found themselves in the midst of 'curse' rumours this year.

Giovanni Pernice and Rose Ayling-Ellis and Adam Peaty and Katya Jones have been at the helm of the dramatics this year, with the latter taking to social media to discuss how "damaging" such commentary can be.

"To everyone who sees what they want to see, your comments have real-life consequences," he said. "I will not be lowered or overcome by your gossip. Protect your energy."

Pernice also recently split up with girlfriend Maura Higgins, who he had been dating for some months. The professional dancer addressed the split this week stating that the relationship came to a "natural" end and that there was "absolutely no wrong doing."