The new Riverdale trailer features a very unexpected character's return 5 months ago

The new Riverdale trailer features a very unexpected character's return

Riverdale has a lot of drama for a small town.

In season one, there was Jason Blossom's murder. Then, in season two, there was that whole thing with the Black Hood (aka: Hal Cooper) terrorising the town.

Then, this season, there's the Gargoyle King doing...whatever he or she is doing and Hiram Lodge seemingly ready to take over the town.

Like we said, a lot of drama.

The midseason finale continued the nail-biting scenes, with the 'truth' about the Gargoyle King being exposed and the town of Riverdale going under quarantine.

Except for Jughead and F.P., who are stranded outside the city limits, and Archie, who is trying to make it across the Canadian border to escape Hiram.

Now, with days to go until the midseason premiere, Riverdale has released a new trailer giving fans a look at what fans can expect - and there's a whole to unpack.

Archie's still on the run. Gladys is back. Veronica and Reggie are now together. Hiram's mistress has it out for Jughead. Why does Archie have a gun?! (No, really, that never ends well).

But in the second half of season three, it looks like fans - and the residents of Riverdale - are going to be in for a blast from the past as Hal Cooper is set to return.

Yes, that's right: Betty's evil father is set to appear in the next batch of episodes. Still from jail, though.

A little more than halfway through the preview, Betty can be seen sitting outside a Silence of the Lambs-style cage, with her father sitting inside.

"I just wanted some father daughter time," he tells her.

Somehow, we don't think this will end too well.