The trailer for season four of Riverdale is FINALLY here - and things are seriously intense 1 year ago

The trailer for season four of Riverdale is FINALLY here - and things are seriously intense

Sorry, WHAT is happening to Jughead at the end?

The first trailer for season four of Riverdale is finally here - and it is just as dramatic as we had been hoping.


The new season of the CW drama is due to kick off on October 9 in North America, with the episodes arriving on Netflix in Ireland the following morning.

Fans have gotten their first look at the images from Riverdale's season four premiere - and now we've gotten the trailer.

The footage begins with a search party roaming the woods as they search for Jughead, before it cuts to Betty getting hit over the head with what appears to be a gun.

Veronica is involved in some kind of scandal, and Archie is investigating....something (who knows what it could be - although we're guessing he won't be fighting a bear again any time soon).

The trailer ends with Veronica giving a toast "to senior year and all of its glories" it cuts to Jughead, seemingly buried in a coffin?

Seriously, what is going on in that town?!



In case you need a refresher of what happened at the end of season three, it all ended with the Fab Four sharing a milkshake toast at Pop's, promising that their senior year wouldn't involve them having to solve any murders.

A totally fair wish for their last year of high school - although it's fairly grim that they'd even have to make that promise.

But then the episode flashed forwarded to their senior year spring break, with a blood-soaked Archie, Betty and Veronica throwing their clothes into a big bonfire.


They promise that they're never going to speak of "this" again, before Archie throws Jughead's beanie into the blaze.

The scene left many fans concerned about Jughead's fate - especially as Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told TVLine that fans should be "very worried" about him.