The Tweenies - Where are they now? 4 years ago

The Tweenies - Where are they now?

Nostalgia gets the hits.

I often find myself wondering what happened to my childhood favourites: The Teletubbies, The Care Bears, Winnie The Pooh, Letterland, Guess Who, Wilson from Cast Away, and now The Tweenies.

I've done some digging around and unearthed inconvenient, but vital information. As Ireland's answer to Spotlight, it's only right that we uncover what's happened to our beloved Bella, Milo, Fizz and Jake. (The dog died).

The following revelations may upset some readers, but we feel it's only right to share the truth.




Shortly after filming wrapped up, Bella continued in the world of acting, turning her efforts to the Twilight franchise. This time, Bella wanted things to be different. She didn't want to use her extremely recognisable face to secure acting roles, and her addiction to surgery certainly influenced her decision to get over 300 operations in a bit to look exactly like Kristen Stewart.

Between them, Bella and Kristen have acted in five films and successfully carried out a fake relationship with Robert Pattinson to drum up some much-needed publicity for the movies. Nowadays, Bella regularly appears on Hollyoaks as a background extra who has a particular fondness for cheese.





Milo became a real success story after his commitments with the Tweenies wrapped up. He stuck his big awkward hands into as many pies as possible, resulting in an impressive CV to date. You may have heard of Milo, a chocolatey drink manufactured by Nestlé? Well that was invented by none other than our Milo.

He also entered the music industry and his hit song "Tween Tweenie" appeared on Now That's What I Call Music 826, an incredible achievement. At the moment, Milo is planning his next big venture: strawberry milk. (That's an exclusive, so please credit us when you publish that on your ironic pop culture website).




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Similar to Bella, Fizz stuck with acting and now stars in Coronation Street. The similarities between her and Bella don't end there, as she's also gotten some work done to achieve a more "conventional" look. It's a pity, we were always fond of her cute little sticky-out ears.

In her spare time, Fizz likes to write scathing reviews of different currencies on her blog, called 'Bucks Fizz'. It's received a lot of attention overseas, with the prime minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe, describing it as "One of the most influential currency blogs in the world right now". Good woman Fizz!




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Sadly, Jake died a couple of years ago. He was skiing in Val Thorens, when his gleeful screams resulted in an unexpected avalanche. Initially, Jake survived the impact, but was then taken to court for involuntary manslaughter, as twelve people tragically died in the avalanche.

Jake was sentenced to life in prison, but he contracted a life-threatening dose of athlete's foot during his first month behind bars. Against all odds, Jake pulled through and lived for two more years. He died of natural causes on his way out of a pilates class on Christmas Eve last year. RIP in peace, Jake x