There's a new Chaser joining The Chase, Bradley Walsh has revealed 1 year ago

There's a new Chaser joining The Chase, Bradley Walsh has revealed

The best show on TV is about to get even better.

Over a decade ago, The Chase dropped onto our screens.


It was a gameshow with a simple yet gimmicky format, a strict yet gas host, a selection of clever yet entirely likeable Chasers.

And a whole load of contestants who are just happy to be a part of it, really.

The Chase has it all - and it's about to get even more because a new Chaser has just been added to the already bangin' lineup of gals and guys who know everything there is to know about general knowledge.

Bradley Walsh confirmed the news on Good Morning Britain today when he was chatting about why the gameshow has remained so popular and iconic over the years.

"It's accessible, people love it, it's ten years old now," he said.

"What can you say? We've got a brand new Chaser coming in for another new series now. It's all good."



Bradley refused to say anything else about this new Chaser, where they got them from, or if their general knowledge skills are as good as the others.

But we're going to go ahead and presume that they are. High standards, etc.

This comes after Chaser The Vixen, otherwise known as Jenny Ryan, blew almost everybody away during her time on The X Factor: Celebrity. 


She belted out a rendition of Queen's 'Somebody To Love' last month, surprising just about everybody who assumed her talents couldn't possibly range beyond answering questions on a daytime TV show.

"Wow Jenny where did all that come from?" asked Louis Walsh. "You have just got a great voice."

"Jenny, you were like, 'I don’t really care y’all… Welcome to my back garden'" added Nicole Scherzinger.

Cowell, vacant as ever, dropped in his two cents in the form of a pleasant: "Good for you."


Ryan remains in the show. You can watch her first performance here.