Toby and Chloe are in for an explosive night on Love Island 11 months ago

Toby and Chloe are in for an explosive night on Love Island


We're four weeks in and with new islanders joining, things are really starting to hit the fan.


Once Abigail came into the villa, she immediately had her eye on Toby, much to Chloe disliking.

And Chloe is less than impressed again tonight, but for us, it means that we get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the drama.

Abi pulls Toby for a chat and links him as they walk past Chloe, asking if she's going to get him in trouble.


Asking what his situation is, Toby said: "I’m with Chloe, but I would get to know someone else as well. I would never shut that down."

Abi says: "It sounds like you’re pretty set with Chloe, so if you are…"

Toby replies: "I would never say I’m set, unless we had that exclusive label. I wouldn’t say we’re there yet."

Abi notes: "Obviously I’ve got Chloe-shaped eye holes in the back of my head right now."


Toby says: "I don’t want to repeat on how I made that mistake and obviously disrespected the person, because I did. How would you deal with that?"

Abi jokes: "I would dump Chloe and get with me. At the moment I think it’s something you’re unsure about."

Toby says: "I’m open to getting to know you, does that sound unsure?"


Chloe obviously isn't too happy about this conversation between the two and immediately calls him out on it all.

Chloe lets loose saying: "It’s up to you how you want to move. I don’t really have a lot to say to you. It should have been shut down if you were that interested me and that’s obviously not what happened. You’re linking arms in front of me. The annoying flirting. That’s disrespectful. Do you see any of the other boys doing that? It’s laughable now Toby."

Toby replies: "Wait, wait, I think you’re overthinking it there."

While Chloe points out she thinks it's disrespectful, all Toby comes back with is: "It’s not like I’ve kissed a girl, do you know what I mean? If you want it to go long term you’re going to have to get tested.”


Chloe replies: "It’s not a test for me, it’s for you and you failed. If it was me I would have shut it down. Where my head was at that’s obviously not where your head was at. You should have told me earlier you were interested like that."

The huge recoupling tonight is bound to show how Toby is truly feeling about the two girls.