Turns out Bridgerton's Duke and Prince were both in Harry Potter 2 years ago

Turns out Bridgerton's Duke and Prince were both in Harry Potter

Who wasn't in Harry Potter am I right?

If there's a game we love to play here at Her, it's finding famous actors who played a small role in a Harry Potter film. The more famous the actor and the more obscure the role the better in our opinion!


Recently, the internet lost its shit when they discovered that the irritatingly handsome and perfect on paper Prince Friedrich from Bridgerton, first set races pulsing as Quidditch champ Cormac McLaggen;

Yes, before attempting to charm Daphne and put pressure on the Duke of Hastings (how very dare he) Bridgerton actor Freddie Stroma portrayed Cormac McLaggen, the vaguely annoying Gryffindor student who was vying for Hermione's attention in the last three Harry Potter movies!

Such a find.


But that's not all, we've also come across another familiar face from our beloved Bridgerton who can be found knocking about the wizarding world.

Regé-Jean Page, the actor who plays (to absolute perfection) Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, can be seen in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment from the Deathly Hallows.

It seems Regé-Jean played an extra in the 2011 flick and in one particular scene can be seen standing next to Hermione.


Look, it's hard to tell but we're pretty sure he's stealing the above scene.

Of course, these actors have had other roles since Harry Potter (Freddie Stroma was in the first Pitch Perfect movie playing the British DJ who was decidedly mean to Beca!!!) and they're certainly gaining traction through Bridgerton, Regé-Jean Page is even being tipped as the next Bond and he's thrown out a few hints himself that he'd happily take on the role;


If you haven't yet entered the world of Bridgerton then you're one of the few as it's reached more than 63 million households since its release.

We'll continue to keep our eyes peeled for these Harry Potter/Bridgerton crossover gems but for now... you're welcome.