TV3 speaks out about the future of Irish soap Red Rock 4 years ago

TV3 speaks out about the future of Irish soap Red Rock

Despite reports, the show is due to only get bigger and better.

I think I can speak for a few of us telly addicts when I say Red Rock was a welcome addition to the Irish television schedule.


Despite hesitations many of us had at first about a new Irish soap arriving on the scene, Red Rock's dark storylines and unforgettable plot twists made it one of the best shows to grace our TVs in 2015 and both 2016.

While the Dublin-based soap has already provided us with 2 brilliant series, in the competitive market for Irish TV it can be hard to shows to have longevity and guarantee more series.

Earlier today it was reported that TV3 had hit a break clause, meaning production of the much-loved drama was to be killed off but according to Digital Spythe future is rosy for the soap.

Red Rock is currently being shown on our own TV3 and BBC One across the pond, but it looks like there's no slowing down for the Irish drama.

A spokesperson for TV3 clarified that the show is still being produced, with plans for the future being put in place.

"No break clause has been triggered and TV3 is fully committed to the series well into the future...

"Season 5 is currently in production, the programme is in the schedule into 2018 and BAI and other international partners continue [to] support the show.

"It is a huge success for TV3, growing audience weekly, both live and consolidated and is a pillar piece of the TV3 schedule."