These two School of Rock stars are dating, and fans can't get over it 1 year ago

These two School of Rock stars are dating, and fans can't get over it

Well this is adorable.

It might be hard to believe, but School of Rock hit cinemas 18 years ago.


The film, which is now streaming on Netflix, became an instant classic.

To this day, the Jack Black flick remains both entertaining and quotable, though as time goes by, many people wonder what became of its young child stars?

Though the trajectory of the band's manager Summer (Miranda Cosgrove) is well-known, may of her cast-mates stayed under the radar following the film's release.

However, fans were delighted to learn that two of the film's stars are now dating.


That's right, Caitlin Hale, who played Marta, one of the band's singers, is currently in a relationship with Angelo Massagli, who played Frankie, the band's security guard.

TikTok user maryfmae shared the adorable update in a video collage. Naturally, she set the series of pictures to Teacher's Pet, one of the film's original songs.

"Been on a massive IG scroll wbu," she said in the caption.


The video quickly racked up over 300,000 views, with many fans of the film sharing their delight.

"BRB I'm actually crying this is so cute," said one user.

Another wrote: "Now THIS is a spin-off that needs to happen."

Indeed, Caitlin and Angelo's relationship is well-documented on Instagram.


Angelo himself acknowledged the sudden attention their relationship garnered once School of Rock fans put two and two together.

"It was fun being social media's couple for the day," he wrote in a story. "For those about to TikTok, we salute you."

Angelo and Caitlin aren't the only School of Rock alumni to make the headlines years later.

In 2018, Brian Falduto, who played Billy, the band's stylist, spoke about being labelled as "the gay kid".

In an essay for The Advocate, Brian spoke about the lack of LGBT+ role models he had growing up:


"No one in my life was taking the time to stop and tell me that it was OK to just be me. I was always expected to fit in, even though I was most known for standing out."

He continued: "The added element of being a young gay figurehead when I didn’t have any personal role models to depend on, well, complicated things, to say the least."