Viewers shocked over Gino D'Accampo's comment on Holly Willoughby's vagina 8 months ago

Viewers shocked over Gino D'Accampo's comment on Holly Willoughby's vagina

Viewers have described the chef's comments as "unnecessary" and "inappropriate".

Celebrity chef Gino D'Accampo has attracted backlash over a comment he made on This Morning.


During the cooking segment of the breakfast TV show, Gino instructed viewers on how to make the perfect Tiramisu. However, when he decided to give a brief lesson on Italian geography, the tone of the show took a dip.

D'Accampo began using parts of the body as a way to explain the topography of his home country.

He told co-hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: "If your belly button is Rome...I was born in Naples, which is on your side, but I went to school where the Vesuvius is, so it's more inland.

"So I can technically say that I spent my youth training in planes around your vagina."


At this, both Holly and Phil were visibly shocked, and said "Oh my God," in near unison.

Gino, however, didn't seem to see what was wrong with making a comment like that, and said: "There's nothing wrong with that."

This Morning viewers, naturally, were less than impressed with D'Accampo, and took to Twitter to call him out.

One Twitter user said that his joke was an example of everyday sexism and wrote: "Appalling behaviour, Gino attempting to sexually humiliate/embarrass Holly Willoughby live on television. Vile."


Another tweeted: "Poor Holly looked really uncomfortable, unneccesary and not funny."

A third wrote: "I think Phil's genuinely quite annoyed at Gino. Good."

Another Twitter user said: "If someone said this to you in any workplace it just wouldn't be acceptable."

Someone else took to Twitter to say that he should never have been allowed to make a comment like that in the first place.


They wrote: "It isn't what he said it's the fact that it was deemed ok to say it to Holly live on the TV. Talk about vaginas all you want but don't make it personal to a married woman who is trying to do her job. It's not funny and it's not clever."