WATCH: The trailer for the final season of Killing Eve is here 10 months ago

WATCH: The trailer for the final season of Killing Eve is here

It's finally here!

Fans of the TV show Killing Eve can rejoice - the trailer for the fourth and final season of the hugely addictive show is here.


At the end of season three, we saw Russian spy Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and British Intelligence Agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) locked in a battle of wills on top of the Tower Bridge in London. However, instead of knocking each other off, the pair retreat, but not before sharing one final longing look.

It certainly left the viewer feeling that this will they/won't they love/hate relationship between these two ladies is far from over, and the tense trailer for the final season confirms our suspicions.

In it, we see Villanelle confess that she "killed two people last night" even though she "tried really hard not to".

Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), meanwhile asks Eve if she will investigate the killing of members of The Twelve - a secret, high-level assassins' group.


Later, Villanelle and Eve lock eyes through a fish tank, and the former kneels before the latter, telling her that she wants to demonstrate how she's "changed".

Villanelle, however, is met with a frosty reception as Eve tells her: "If you'd really changed, you wouldn't have come here."

To this, the spy responds with: "If you'd really changed, you wouldn't have let me."

At a later stage of the trailer, and in a more intimate setting, Eve asks Villanelle if she's familiar with the tale of the scorpion and the fly.


"They hook up?" asks Villanelle.

"They both die because the scorpion cannot change its nature," answers Eve, with a foreboding air.

The official plot synopses from BBC gives viewers more of an insight into what to expect. It reads: "Eve is on a revenge mission, while Villanelle has found a brand-new community in an attempt to prove she’s not a ‘monster.'

"This season follows our extraordinary women, each driven by passion, revenge and obsession, building towards a messy, nuanced and totally glorious series finale."

We can't wait.


The final season lands on BBC One on 27 February.