We're looking for a couple with different diets to cook on-screen with celebrity chef Kevin Dundon! 3 years ago

We're looking for a couple with different diets to cook on-screen with celebrity chef Kevin Dundon!

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Love fruit and veg?


Or maybe you're not so enthused at all and maybe, just maybe, you're willing to try and work more greens and nutritious fruit and veg into your everyday eating routine. Maybe you'd even take on Meat Free Monday!

It's true, more and more people are becoming very conscious about the need to eat more vegetables, even choosing to eat in-season and have those veggies work wonders for their health. It's often a switch for ethical reasons too.

Whatever the case, SuperValu is here to help you include more fruit and veg in your diet and assist in creating the easiest, most delicious and nutritious meals for you with the help of some celebrity chefs!

There's a myth that eating healthily and including more vegetables is a costly endeavour and that it's extremely difficult, plus time-consuming, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Not with a little help and know-how, at least.


So, for SuperValu to help take the hassle out of mealtime, we're looking to recruit three different types of scenarios across the Her, HerFamily and JOE platforms.

If you sound like the person(s) below, get excited because yes, you could be in with a chance to cook with Kevin Dundon or Dave and Steve from The Happy Pear!

We're on the hunt for:

A young couple with two different diets


Maybe you're a vegan/vegetarian or someone who's looking include more fruit and veg into their diet, while your other half is a carnivorous meat-eater through and through. Either way, we'd love for you to sign up here (or below) and let us help you cook up a storm that can include both diets with Kevin Dundon.

You'll receive excellent tips and tricks, you'll be showcasing plenty of delicious fruit and vegetables AND you'll know just how to kickstart your meal plans to include more veg!

We're also looking for:


A family who want to know how they can make fruit and veg EXTRA tasty

You'll be on cam with The Happy Pear duo — Dave and Steve. These lads know exactly how to cater to picky little eaters as well as cook for that lone ranger in the family who has converted to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle or diet.

While you cook alongside the skilled pair, you'll learn exactly how to whip up a tasty and nutritious dish, one that is SO simple to recreate, all while they take into consideration the busy lifestyle that you lead. (You can sign your family up right here over on HerFamily to have the chance to get cooking with The Happy Pear!)

The idea is to create one healthy, fresh and delectable dish for you and your family by either adding or removing ingredients to suit all diets.

Well everyone, prepare for plenty of yummy flavours! We promise it will be so beneficial, creative for all AND we promise YOU will have an absolute ball.


To be in with a chance to cook, dine and have a blast on-screen with your partner and our celebrity guest — Kevin Dundon — here on Her, simply fill in the form below. (If you cannot see the form or the submit button, please click here.)

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