10 of the wildest moments from Love Island 2021 1 month ago

10 of the wildest moments from Love Island 2021

It's mostly just Chloe and Toby, to be honest.

The new season of Love Island is just around the corner, but will it be able to live up to its predecessor?


It's no secret that the 2021 series got off to a bit of a tepid start, but after a few weeks, it warmed up and the show delivered on a solid season.

To whet our appetite ahead of Love Island 2022, we thought it was appropriate to get in the mood by looking back at some of the wildest moments from last year. And yes, our main man Toby Aromolaran features heavily.

1. Lucinda going into mourning after Brad left the villa

When faced with the ultimatum of one of them staying or both of them going, Brad and Lucinda shocked us all by deciding that Brad should leave on his own. Lucinda didn't seem to cope too well with this news and slumped around the villa in Brad's hoody for some time. Thankfully, she cheered up after a few days and subsequently dated Danny and Aaron once her period of mourning was over.


2. Chuggs

When ITV told us that a man by the name of Chuggs was entering the villa, we couldn't contain our excitement. This bucket hat entrepreneur made quite the splash when he arrived and his time in the villa was too short-lived. Justice for Chuggs.


3. When Toby asked if anyone had ever seen a baby pigeon

Apropos of nothing, Toby put forward a bizarre theory that baby pigeons don't exist. "Has anyone ever seen a baby pigeon?" he pondered. "Are they really something? Are they really there?" The Socrates of our time, truly.

4. Hugo's confrontation of Toby


One of the biggest shake-ups last season was when Hugo used his recoupling to confront his pal Toby on his treatment of Chloe. A rift ensued between the two lads afterwards, with Toby labelling Hugo a "girl-follower", which really cut deep.

5. Toby's journey

Of all the islanders, Toby's journey was the most complicated. At first, we were frustrated with his treatment of Kaz, as he dumped her for Chloe. To make matters worse, he then broke things off with Chloe to be with Abigail, and then came back from Casa Amor with Mary, only to have his head turned, once more, by Chloe. Towards the end of the series, it seemed that Chloe and Toby could win the whole thing (and we were rooting for them!), but in the end the top prize, controversially, went to Liam and Millie.


6. When Hugo kissed Amy and said "job done"

To make matters worse, Hugo described his time in the villa as "tragic" while standing right beside Amy. Ouch.

7. When the Irish gals vanished???

We were so excited to see two Irish girls fill out Casa Amor - Kaila Troy and Salma Naran - but for some reason they literally got approximately three seconds of screen time??? Atrocious.

8. When Chloe's special talent was sums

During the talent show, Ms Burrows, or, in her own words, "Carol Vorderman on steroids", decided to show off how much of a numbers whizz she is, and invited the islanders to challenge her with some tricky arithmetic. An icon.

9. When Toby said we're able to control our foot-size through the power of our thoughts alone

Yeah, no words for this one.

10. Millie's piano solo

This list would simply not be complete without a mention of Millie's stunning piano solo, which, somehow, brought Liam to tears. Millie performed an Ed Sheeran song (I think), and Chloe's reaction spoke for us all.

Love Island returns to Virgin Media Two at 9pm on Monday 6 June.