Apparently, no one has lasted more than six hours in the world's scariest haunted house 2 years ago

Apparently, no one has lasted more than six hours in the world's scariest haunted house

If you haven't heard of McKamey Manor then you are one of the lucky ones.

Horror lovers out there might have heard of this horrible place where people go to scare the shite out of themselves to try and win money. You might lose your mind but you could win money. You could lose your mind and not win any money though. Wow, love those odds.


McKamey Manor is a haunted house experience made to terrify people. Open in Tennessee, The Manor is run by a man named Russ McKamey, who controls the whole house and lives off the thrill of terrifying those brave enough to take the challenge.


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The cutest part is that Russ spends time getting to know anyone who signs up. Every experience is tailor made to each individual person's biggest fears. How lovely!


Russ told LADbible that thousands of people have tried to beat the house but in the end "the Manor is always going to win."

Apparently, people have even gone as far as to pull their own teeth and nails out during the experience. How?you might ask. Well, Russ says: "With the use of hypnosis and other types of mind control techniques that we use, we can get them to do some crazy things - but they still have to be willing to do it, they have to, you know."

"They do it to themselves," he went on. "I don't do it myself. They pull their own tooth, which is very difficult to do, and they pull their own nail, and they cut their own hair. I just monitor it."

Right, so.


Russ insists he doesn't want anyone getting hurt inside the experience... Once he's not doing the hurting, we guess.

"Even though we use hypnosis and different mind control situations, they're still very much aware of what's going on,' he said. "They're not like, completely out to where I can make them jump off a building or something."


Good to know.

Anyway, if anyone else asks you to go to McKamey Manor, a solid no should be your answer. You heard it from us.