Here's how often we should be washing our towels 3 years ago

Here's how often we should be washing our towels

We've all gazed longingly at the towel as it hangs on the hook and wondered can I get away with one more wash?

Life is busy, sometimes we find it hard to remember to do all the little things as well as the big things. Washing towels is a big thing, we use them constantly and I don't want to offend with the details but no matter how clean we think we are, we're not... we're dirty.

Most people are fairly habitual when it comes to washing towels and rightly so when you think about all the bacteria, fungi, dead skin and urine (!) found lurking in them.

So, let's get down to business. Of course, we had to take notes from Good Housekeeping on this one:

Bath towels : It's recommended that you wash these after every three uses, four maximum.  Although they're large and essentially designed for heavy use they carry dead skin, and that musty smell you get after a couple of washes is bacteria growing.

Dish towels : Once a week depending on your cooking skills. Dish towels in the kitchen collect food, and food stains can lead to bacteria and odor, so it is smart to swap kitchen towels out weekly if you cook actively. If you're less active in the kitchen (like some us us) once a month should do the trick

Hand towels : Every two or three days, this surprised us too! Since hand towels are usually hung in a high-traffic, germ-friendly room, it’s just good sense to throw them in the washing machine more frequently.