New mum feels incredibly guilty after getting her husband thrown out of delivery room 11 months ago

New mum feels incredibly guilty after getting her husband thrown out of delivery room

What an awful situation.

A new mum has taken to Reddit after she got her husband thrown out of the delivery room just as their baby was being born. But, before you jump to conclusions, it was his own fault.


The woman explains that she discussed with her husband that she only wanted him in the room with her as she is a private person. No other family members or friends were allowed in - and he agreed.

However, just as her baby was crowning, her mother-in-law walked into the room.

The Reddit user wrote:

"I have always been a private person, and very terrified of pregnancy due to the (admittedly low, but to me nonetheless scary) risks associated. My husband knows this, and I specifically asked him, when we found out about this pregnancy, that he tried to help me lower my stress levels, since the pregnancy itself would already be causing me significant stress.

"He succeeded at this during almost all of my pregnancy. He was always very calm, even when he had a bad work day and was upset.

"We agreed on from the start that he would be the only person in the delivery room with me. No parents, no family, no friends, just us and the medical staff.

"However, on the day I was admitted to the hospital, his mother cried to him that it was unfair she would not witness the birth of this grandchild. My husband tried to get me to agree to having her in the delivery room. I said no, and figured that would be the end of it."

Unfortunately, it was not the end of it and what happened next was truly awful.

"After a long, exhausting, painful labor, when my doctor announced my daughter was crowning, I saw the door open and my mother in law come in. No medical staff got up to stop her. My husband was next to me and I clung to his arm and told him to get her out.

"He tried to argue with me that she should be allowed to see the birth of her grandchild. I started panicking HARD, like I said, I am a private person and did not want my MIL staring into my lady bits while I was so vulnerable and exposed. I kept saying to my husband, "take her outside, please, get her out of here, please, please" but he would not budge.

"A nurse finally noticed how much I was panicking and stressing and immediately shooed everyone expect me and the staff out of the room. This included my husband."

She finished the post by saying three weeks on her husband is still frosty with her and she doesn't know how to deal with it.


One said:

"He violated your bodily autonomy by insisting his mom be present at a time you were most vulnerable. You were extraordinarily clear about what you needed and he ignored you."

Another wrote:

"Who are these MILs that think another woman's birth belongs to them?

"Who are these husbands that are expecting their wives to be playing hostess while they're in the most excruciating physical pain and emotional intense moment of their lives?

"I really can't understand this at all.

"Managing HIS mother was HIS job. They had a plan. He should be apologizing profusely to OP for letting her down, not the other way around."