The results are in: The Irish baby names that are most popular in 2021 5 months ago

The results are in: The Irish baby names that are most popular in 2021

Can you guess what they are?

It's always surprising what baby names are trending in Ireland every year and 2021 is no exception.


Sometimes it's traditional Irish names like Séan and Aoife or non Irish traditional names like Jack and Sophie.

Other times it's modern and unusual names like Maddox, Naveah and Willow.

Either way it's constantly changing, so it is always interesting to see which names are popular from year to year and even though it's only April we already know what the big baby names of 2021 in Ireland are.

According to online baby name website Nameberry, these are the ten most popular baby names in Ireland this year.

Some we guessed would be popular this year, but there's a couple of wild cards in there too:

Girl Names


1. Fiadh
2. Ada
3. Caoimhe
4. Eabha
5. Zoe

Boy Names

1. Tadhg
2. Cormac
3. Ronan
4. Eoin
5. Atticus

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While it's not that surprising that a lot of traditional Irish baby names like Caoimhe and Cormac made the cut there were two in particular that stood out to me.


Ada and Atticus were not two that I was expecting to be popular this year, but I can understand why they are.

Over the last couple of years I've seen more and more classical literary inspired and Victorian era names become popular again. Back in 2017 when I was naming my daughter Alice there was an Ava, Clara, Theodore and Ezra on the ward as well.

Even though Alice is a family name no one from my generation was called that because back in the 1980s and 1990s it was considered to be a little old lady names.

Now in the youngest generation of my family the little old lady names reign supreme with an Alice, Georgina, Emelia, Maisie, Evie and Iris.


It will be really interesting to see if by the end of the year there are even more classic names becoming popular in Ireland.