Most sane people are in agreement that David Beckham looked very well today 2 years ago

Most sane people are in agreement that David Beckham looked very well today

Yeah, yeah of course it was Meghan's Big Day etc.

However, let's furthermore take a moment to appreciate how well a certain David Beckham looked while attending the Royal Wedding in Windsor.

Very well, in fact.

Fair play to him, we say.

A fine wine, 'n' all that jazz.

We can furthermore reveal that on Saturday morning, the WhatsApp group (we're pretty sound so it's always an entertaining collective) immediately began to comment on the exceptional appearance of the former footballer.

David, have you been working out? New skin-care routine? Have you eliminated sugar from your diet? Whatever it is, keep doing it.

To put things into perspective, seven years ago this is what David looked like attending the Royal Wedding of Wills and Kate:

So also very well... you can't say the man isn't consistent in his appearance at a royal wedding. Because he is consistent and we appreciate the effort he puts in greatly.

However, we have to highlight that Mr Beckham had an edge and a swagger to him on Saturday that wasn't there back in 2011. In essence, he's only getting better with age (DB is 43-years-old, fyi).

And it's not just us at Her Towers that thinks so; a load of folk on the internet were in agreement.

Even James Kavanagh himself couldn't resist throwing a few tantalising snaps into his Insta Stories.

And another:

Otherwise, here's an additional smouldering pic for good measure...

If you're not yet fully convinced (what's wrong with you!?) then may we bring to your minds back to the recent moment when Brooklyn Beckham, 18, surprised his dad on the occasion of his 43rd birthday?

Suffice to say that when David starts crying... you will too: