'She seems a bit of a natural...' So Princess Charlotte has a new pastime 3 years ago

'She seems a bit of a natural...' So Princess Charlotte has a new pastime

She's just two-and-a-half - a time when most of us would be concerned with the likes of toilet-training and mastering speech.

However, Princess Charlotte is a royal, and thus she has advantages and privileges that most of us can only dream of.


Case-in-point? The little one has taken up tennis at an exclusive south-west London club - and apparently she's a total natural.

Of Wills and Kate's decision to enroll her in classes, Sun.co.uk reports: “She might not be three until May but they were convinced she’d love it and so far she has."

However, some controversy surrounds the Cambridges - namely because they've fast-tracked Charlotte into the posh Hurlingham Club... despite not being members themselves.

A source told the publication: "Unfortunately some patrons feel Charlotte shouldn’t be allowed to play there.

The Hurlingham Club

"Club rules are usually very rigid, and they don’t see why exceptions should be made, even if they happen to be royal."

Charlotte's presence has also meant increased security at Hurlingham.

The club is set in 17 hectares in Fulham. It boasts more than 40 tennis courts, a pool, a cricket square, ten croquet lawns, and two bowls areas.

A description on its websites says it is "recognised throughout the world as one of Britain’s greatest private members’ clubs".


It adds that Hurlingham "retains its quintessentially English traditions and heritage, while providing modern facilities and services for its members".

The Duchess of Cambridge and her family - including siblings Pippa and James - are big fans of tennis and regularly attend games at Wimbledon.