VIDEO: Shocking Vine Footage Shows Two-Year-Old Smoking 'Joint' 8 years ago

VIDEO: Shocking Vine Footage Shows Two-Year-Old Smoking 'Joint'

A piece of video footage that appears to show a two-year-old boy smoking a joint has gone viral today, sparking calls for action to be taken against the adults who gave the cigarette to the child.

The Vine video is believed to have been filmed in the US and shows a young boy being given a rolled-up cigarette, which he then inhales before exhaling smoke.


A man can be heard in the background laughing hysterically and shouting "he's smoking it!" and while some have claimed that the child is smoking a spliff containing drugs, this has not been confirmed.

The footage has appeared on social media sites Reddit and Twitter and has been met with an angry reaction from commentators, who have called for police to investigate the incident. "Just kills me to see degenerates do this to a child," said one user.