9 things to add to your mac n cheese this eve to take it from so-so to stunning 1 year ago

9 things to add to your mac n cheese this eve to take it from so-so to stunning

Mac n cheese.

The three words that every girl wants to hear.


It's got all the things we're obsessed with - cheese, pasta, and sauce. What's not to love? Heaven in a bowl.

If you find yourself eating too much mac n cheese though, and the simpleness of the dish has become a bit old (how would it?), don't worry because there are plenty of things you can shove in there to make it that bit more exciting.

First, here's a quick recipe to create a stunningly delishly plain mac n cheese:

1. Cook up some macaroni

2. Throw butter, flour, and a load of cheese into a pan and cook on low heat constantly stirring until a sauce is created. Pour the sauce over the macaroni in dish and stir it around well.

3. Brown some breadcrumbs in a pan with a little butter and pepper. Sprinkle them over the macaroni.

4. You've just created some delicious mac n cheese. Congrats.


Now here's a load of bits you can (and should) add to your mac n cheese to make it even more special.

Plz enjoy.

1. Bacon 

Just chop up a few rashers and throw them in there after. Done.


Adding just one thing to your pan will give you the crispiest rashers you've ever eaten

2. Sausage

See above.


3. Hot sauce

Hear us out now because this is delicious.

Mix in some hot sauce once your mac n cheese is served according to your preferred level of spiciness and you will never eat pasta the same way again.


4. Jalapenos

Same as above but with veggies.

5. Mince meat 

Bit rank but definitely doable if you cook the meat in spices first.

6. Mustard

Give your mac that extra zing you've been craving all these years.

7. Pepperoni 

Pizza mac n cheese is a thing, you know. Throw in a bit of basil too for good measure.

8. Cauliflower 

Make it 'healthy.'

9. Spinach 

A bit of greenery never hurt anyone.