Aldi's selling a 1.5L prosecco bottle for €20 this weekend and we need 4 years ago

Aldi's selling a 1.5L prosecco bottle for €20 this weekend and we need

Got any plans for the long weekend?

You could hit up a local beach, go for a few casuals in town, hang by the canal for some cold ones.


It's meant to be nice enough out, like.

And if the weather doesn't totally let us all down and ruin the nice times that everyone is planning on having, a lot of people are probably planning on having a BBQ or two too.


And, let's be honest, if you're going to have a BBQ, you're probably going to have some prosecco at it because like, why wouldn't you?


It's clearly the most common BBQ-based alcoholic drink.

Anyway, Aldi are selling a prosecco magnum (1.5 litres) this weekend for €19.99 and we are absolutely all over that deal.

In store from today will be a load of divine alcoholic drinks to stock up your fridge with including Cullen's Irish Cider, Tequila Beer, and Cullen's 2 Litre Pear Cider.



A full list can be found below.

  • Cullen’s Irish Apple Cider €1.29 per can
  • Swedish Fruit Cider €1.99
  • Birds & Bees Craft Beer €2.29
  • Craft Cider €2.29
  • Tequila Beer €3.99
  • Cullen’s 2 Litre Pear Cider €3.99
  • Cullen’s Irish Apple Cider €3.79/2 litres
  • Côtes de Provence Rosé Mini €3.99
  • Toro Loco Merlot €6.99
  • Sicilian Pinot Grigio Sauvignon €6.99
  • Specially Selected Muscadet Sevre et Maine €8.99
  • Exquisite Collection Côtes de Provence €8.99
  • Beletti Spumante Rosé €10.99
  • Prosecco Magnum €19.99

Aldi's also got a load of food-based BBQ stock in for the long weekend too.


Whether you're a burgers, sausages, or chicken wings kinda gal, there's be something there for you to get into.

Unless you're vegetarian.