Always on the run? Penneys is now selling glass coffee cups for under €10 3 years ago

Always on the run? Penneys is now selling glass coffee cups for under €10

Since the launch of the Keep Cup, it seems like reusable coffee cups are everywhere and rightly so.

Now accepted by many coffee shops and chains, by bringing your own coffee mug into the store, many places will fill it for you with some even giving you money off to thank you for choosing to bring your own cup.


You don't need to be the most environmentally-savvy person in the world to want to make a change.

Even what feels like the smallest step can make a big impact - right down to how you drink your coffee in the morning. And now, Penneys has released their own range of reusable glass coffee mugs coming in two sizes and both for under €10.

With speculation that a latte levy, a 15 cents charge on coffee in disposable cups - could be introduced in Ireland in an effort to tackle waste, there is no better time to grab yourself a reusable coffee mug.

Thinking of making the change? Here are the ones in Penneys that we are loving right now.


Small reusable glass coffee cup - €7

Large reusable glass coffee cup - €9


And while your in Penneys, you might want to check out this divine suit which has just dropped in stores, for €34 we are nabbing this up ASAP.

Want to see what all our hype is about? You can check it out here.