6 amazing reusable coffee cups that we need in our lives right now 1 year ago

6 amazing reusable coffee cups that we need in our lives right now

Looking to make a switch?

You don't need to be the most environmentally-savvy person in the world to want to make a change.

Even what feels like the smallest step can make a big impact - right down to how you drink your coffee in the morning.

There had previously been speculation that a latte levy - a 15 cents charge on coffee in disposable cups - could be introduced in Ireland in an effort to tackle waste.

And while the levy has been confirmed not to be happening, many people are beginning to turn to on-the-go, reusable coffee mugs instead.

There's even an added incentive to make the switch, with a number of café's across the country offering discounts if you bring in your own cup.

Whether you're looking for one based on style, practicality, or simply want one that you can tuck away in your handbag when you're done (without taking up too much space), there's plenty of things out there to consider.

If you're looking to make the jump and replace your disposable cup with a reusable one instead, we've rounded up some of our favourite ones on the market now.

Frank Green's The Smart Cup cup will get your creative juices flowing - even before you've had a sip of coffee.

Once you've picked out the size of the travel mug that you want, you can customise the cup: picking the colours for the two main sections, as well as the button on top.

Available for €23.99 from here.

Star Wars fans won't have to go to a galaxy far, far away for their caffeine fix, thanks to this adorable Keep Cup collection.

Whether you're a leader of the rebel cause or looking to embrace the dark side, the mugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and characters - so there's something for everyone.

Available beginning at €18 from here.

Stojo's collapsible cup is the perfect solution for the coffee fan on the go, shrinking down into a leak-proof disk that can be stored in your handbag  when your drink is done.

With a rainbow of colours to pick from, the mug is made from food grade, recyclable materials. It is also BPA free - and safe to put in the microwave, as well as the dishwasher.

Available for €14 from here.

If you fancy more of a design on your to-go cup, why not check out ECoffee Cup's range (and seriously up your green credentials)?

Made from the world's most sustainable crop, bamboo fibre, the reusable cup is naturally sterile - so it won't end up adding extra flavour to your drink.

Available beginning at €12.46 from here.

Add a pop of colour to your mornings with Joco's stylish takeaway cup range - made without chemicals like BPA and lead.

The rubber sleeve ensures that you keep a steady grip on your coffee cup, while still keeping the drink at the perfect temperature (without burning your hands).

Available beginning at €24.50 from here.

The initial go-to brand for reusable coffee cups, Keep Cup has brought out a range of styles and colours that will suit all tastes.

Whether you're going for the tempered glass range or picking from the lightweight plastic collection, they're wonderfully vibrant - and the ideal choice for coffee on the go.

Available beginning at €14 from here.