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Always stealing food off your partner's plate? Turns out it's good news

Brilliant news.

While some people hate sharing food (we're looking at you Joey), it doesn't bother others, and commonly happens with friends and family.

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And while some people's SO may find it annoying, it turns out that it's actually a good thing.

New research has found that when lovers share food off their plate, it means they're in a healthy relationship.

The study, which was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society, Biological Sciences, says that “humans excel in cooperative exchanges” and sharing food can actually be seen as a "bonding experience."

The researchers used wild chimpanzees as they're social animals (like us), and found that those who shared food with members outside of their family (like romantic partners) released the hormone oxytocin, which made the chimps closer to each other.

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The researchers concluded that “this link between food sharing and oxytocin found in chimpanzees may also be relevant for humans, where pro-social behaviour has often been linked to food sharing and provisioning.”

Do you share food with your partner? Let them know it's a good thing!

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