Biscoff-coated fried chicken is now a thing, apparently 1 year ago

Biscoff-coated fried chicken is now a thing, apparently

Sweet and savoury work together, right?

We love Biscoff, we love fried chicken, but together? We might need more convincing.


This new internet sensation is simple, but brilliant, consisting of deep fried chicken fillets coated in savoury breadcrumbs infused with Biscoff. Not to mention it's covered in melted Biscoff spread.

And it goes with everything, from burgers to chips, it's the ideal meal when you're really craving something you know is awful for you, but you really don't care.


Burger restaurants are hopping on this trend too, with them appearing in more and more menus - but they're not hard to make at home.

And don't worry about deep fat fryers, an oven works just as good for this.

All you'll need is chicken fillets, or a veggie/vegan alternative, two large eggs, 100g flour and 100g corn flour. Some salt, pepper and any other seasonings of your choice. And of course the Biscoff spread and biscuits.

Now for the method...



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Start by beating the eggs and dipping in the chicken and leaving it to one side. Then, mix the flour, cornflour, crushed Biscoffs, and seasonings in a bowl.

Get the egg soaked chicken and cover it in the breadcrumb mix. Spray it with a little vegetable oil and put it in the oven for 30 minutes, flipping halfway through. It's that simple.


While you're waiting for it to cook, melt the Biscoff spread and once the chicken's done, pop the sauce on.

You can thank us later for this one.