You can get chocolate orange Maltesers biscuits now 1 year ago

You can get chocolate orange Maltesers biscuits now

The latest innovation from Maltesers looks absolutely inspired.

Ah, chocolate and orange. Is there any better combination?


I certainly don't think so, and neither do the good people at Maltesers, apparently.

The chocolate company's latest creation certainly backs the theory that orange and chocolate are just made for each other.

That's right, Orange Malteser Biscuits are a thing now, and we honestly cannot wait to try them.

Each biccy contains the classic malty crunch with a distinct orange flavour. These little pockets of biscuity joy are subsequently wrapped up in a milk chocolate coating.


Truly the perfect accompaniment for your afternoon cup of tea.

Throughout the brand's history, Maltesers have been unafraid to experiment with their recipes. In the past, it's worked for them, and the innovations hang around long after their release.

It's no wonder Maltesers are foraying into tangy biscuits - their recent chocolate orange bunnies were a huge success. Following their release last year, one Twitter user described them as a "Gift from God."


In fact, the company experienced a national shortage due to massive demand last Easter.

Something tells us that their latest innovation will be just as delicious.

Orange Malteser Biscuits have already hit the shelves of Tesco in the UK, but we're keen to get them over here too.

While they've yet to grace our emerald shores just yet, the mint edition of the snack has been available here since its release last March.


These minty delights contain crisp honeycomb pieces, smothered in milk chocolate, and they seem good enough to tide us over.

If that won't cut it, fret not. Our supermarkets are overflowing with orange chocolate treats.

From Kit-Kat's Orange Chocolate Biscuit to Cadbury's Milk Chocolate Orange Fingers to the much-loved Terry's Chocolate Orange, there truly is a tangy treat for everyone.