You can now get edible coffee cups in an Irish cafe 1 year ago

You can now get edible coffee cups in an Irish cafe

To quote Willy Wonka, "You can even eat the dishes."

A Co. Meath cafe has just launched a sustainable - and tasty - initiative to counter the coffee cup waste problem.


Room 8, a restaurant in Navan, is now selling coffee in an edible, crispy vegan cookie cup - and we cannot wait to try them.

Coffee lovers can drink the content first and then tuck into the cup once they're done, or nibble away at the cup gradually.

In any case, these genius cups begin to compost thirty minutes after use.

Room 8's general manager Geraldine Nelson, and the cafe's owner Aidan Cosgrove, decided to introduce the edible cups once lockdown ended in a move to become more sustainable.


They were thrilled to learn that they could get the cups from a local supplier - Cupffee in Ashbourne.

For just €1 extra, customers can avail of these edible cups, which, according to Ms Nelson, taste like wafers.


On their website, Cupffee write that their cups are "Recyclable at 7 billion stations around the world. Including you!"

Coffee aficionados will also be relieved to hear that while the cups taste lovely, they don't actually alter the taste of your bevvy.

Explaining why they chose to create an edible coffee cup, Cupfee said: "The average daily consumption of hot drinks requires 2.5 billion cups. Just a third of those are sold in disposable cups.

"But it doesn't have to be this way. Cupffee is an alternative to traditional disposable cups and porcelain cups for hot and cold drinks."


If you can't make the journey out to Navan, then fear not, as alternatives are available!

Shop In Ireland, for instance is selling a gift box of 10 edible wafer cups over on their website. Like the Cupffee cups, these guys are vegan and can withstand the hot temperatures of fresh coffee. You can also bring them out at your next dinner party, and impress your guests by serving them dessert in a dessert.