Curry chips or gravy chips - The top chipper sauce has been revealed 2 weeks ago

Curry chips or gravy chips - The top chipper sauce has been revealed

By Jack Peat

The debate has finally been settled


Chip shop curry sauce vs gravy – it’s a debate that has divided chippy lovers up and down the country, but now, new research has found people prefer chip shop curry sauce over gravy, settling the sauce score once and for all.

Pukka asked 2,000 people what they prefer on their chippy orders and found that, while ketchup took the number one spot (36 percent) chip shop curry sauce triumphed over gravy, coming in THIRD on the list, while gravy came just fifth.

Vinegar (33 per cent) came in second, while mayonnaise, which is favoured by a quarter (24 per cent), took the fourth spot.

One in ten prefer BBQ or chilli sauce at the chippy, while brown (eight per cent), tartare (seven per cent) and salad cream (six per cent) complete the list of top sauces.


In fact, a fifth (21 per cent) flat out state that chip shop curry sauce is the best sauce at the chippy, so much so that 10 per cent say they could eat chip shop curry sauce with every meal.

Rachel Cranston, Head of Brand Strategy at Pukka, says: “With chip shops at the heart of our story ever since we started making and baking pies 60 years ago, we wanted to settle the curry sauce vs gravy debate once and for all.

“It’s clear that the nation loves chip shop curry sauce.”

This article originally appeared on JOE UK