Deliveroo introduce a late night delivery service so you can order Supermac's at 2am 1 year ago

Deliveroo introduce a late night delivery service so you can order Supermac's at 2am

Big garlic cheesy chips coming your way.

Picture the scene:

You're in your gaff. You're after a few drinks. You're gagging for a bit of dirty takeaway goodness in the form of some garlic cheese chips, a big pizza, some succulent fried chicken.

You glance at your phone and realise that it is, unfortunately, past midnight.

The chances of getting a Supermac's, a KFC, a Papa John's, or another participating restaurant potentially included in a specific late night delivery deal are looking slim.

That is, until, you realise that it's not. It's possible. It can, indeed, happen. The night is not young, but Deliveroo's late night delivery service, it goes on.


The new service, operating as late as 2am on the weekends, will allow customers to order some delicious, takeaway treats right to their doors like never before.

Be honest, when's the last time you had a meatball marinara Subway delivered to your door at 2am when you were a bit worse for wear?

Never, probably.


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The company said they have updated the service to provide their customers with the "ultimate food delivery experience."


Deliveroo's Joe Groves said:

"We’ve added a late-night delivery service after overwhelming requests from hungry customers looking for their favourite bites late at night.

"We’re delighted we’ve been able to make it happen and with so many excellent partners on board that are available exclusively to Deliveroo customers."

Those ordering from the app now have the option to schedule orders up to one day in advance, or receive food as early as 8am and as late as 2am on the weekends.

Restaurants participating in the late night delivery service include KFC, Supermac's, Subway, Papa John's, Eddie Rockets, and Burritos & Blues.