The Domino's diet: how one lad shed a load of weight eating a pizza a day 5 years ago

The Domino's diet: how one lad shed a load of weight eating a pizza a day

This is the diet of our dreams.

We all know that losing weight and staying on a constant diet is no easy feat.


So hard in fact, that many of us give up the minute we see a glorious cheesy pizza slice pass by us.

However, this man has proved that you can stay fit and eat your pizza at the same time.

Brian Northrup from the UK gave himself the challenge of eating Domino's pizza everyday for an entire year, while also maintaining his health and fitness levels.


Brian documented his journey for an entire year on Instagram and aptly named it the ‘PIZZAPOCALYPSE’.

Speaking to Ladbible, the fitness fanatic said that he wanted to prove that having a healthy diet isn't everything and people need to stop buying into so-called health trends.

He told the website: “Just look at Michael Phelps; the man became arguably the greatest athlete in the world on a diet he claimed consisted of pizza as well as a lot of other commonly labelled ‘bad’ foods on a daily basis.


“I think a good diet is highly dependent on the individual and it is more important to focus on making sure your diet includes everything you need, than what you need to cut out.”

During the year, Brian made sure to be cautious by having regular check-ups with his doctor and made sure to check his salt and cholesterol levels each time.


While gorging in pizza everyday, he kept his fitness up by having three or four weight lifting sessions every week, as well as 20-30 minutes of cardio everyday.

Do you think you could live on this diet?