Garlic and cheese crumpets are going viral - and we can see why 1 year ago

Garlic and cheese crumpets are going viral - and we can see why

I'm gonna need about 12 of these.

TikTok can be a wonderful destination when it comes to sourcing out new desserts, but it's equally useful for finding more savory dishes as well.


For instance, the platform's latest offering of cheesy garlic crumpets is definitely one to try.

As well as looking ridiculously cute, these little treats pack a flavorsome punch, and could work perfectly as a starter or snack.

TikTok user @foodmadesimple kicked the trend off over on their page earlier this month, and since then, the recipe has taken on a life of its own, with many amateur chefs giving it a go.

While the video racked up over a million views, it was divisive, especially among UK viewers, who hold the crumpet to the highest culinary standards.


Traditionally, the crumpet is served simply with butter at afternoon tea, so to see it being used in lieu of garlic bread was a little upsetting for some viewers.


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Having said that, the recipe does look delicious, with the little pockets of air absorbing the garlic butter perfectly.

Of course, if the crumpet occupies a special place in your heart, it can of course be swapped out for regular bread.

To make cheesy garlic crumpets for yourself, you'll need five crumpets, some shop-bought garlic butter, and grated cheese of your choice.

Begin by slicing your crumpets into half and then into quarters and lay them out resting on top of each other in a baking tray.


Next, pop as much garlic butter as you like in a measuring jug and melt it on the hob or in the microwave. Once you're left with a delcious garlic spread, drizzle it over the awaiting crumpet slices.

Finally, sprinkle your crumpets with cheese. Again, it's up to you. If you want them extra cheesy, go wild. If not, keep the cheese light.

Pop your crumpets into the oven for a few minutes until the cheese is melted and the crumpets are golden brown.