Got a mate in Australia? Have a free dinner with them via this special Dublin pop-up restaurant 6 months ago

Got a mate in Australia? Have a free dinner with them via this special Dublin pop-up restaurant


Half the Irish population currently lives in Australia.

This is a fact, it does not need to be debated.

Nor will it be because each and every one of us knows at least one person who's been living it up in Sydney, Melbourne, or the genuine outback for a good while now.

It's the place to be, apparently.

And while we're obviously all delighted for all of our mates who are living their other-side-of-the-world fantasy that we're not at all jealous of, we do still miss them.

We miss hanging out with them, we miss going for drinks with them, and we miss eating a load of food with them.

Turns out though that we may not have to miss them quite as much any more because the world's first ever Connected Restaurant is opening up in Dublin and Sydney soon to bring both sides of the world together.

But what is a Connected Restaurant and how will it allow me to spend some quality time with my mate in Australia while they're still in Australia?! we hear you cry.

It works like this - one half of the restaurant is on Dublin's Clarendon Street and the other half is on Sydney's Holt St.

Guests can enjoy a stunning free (yes, free) Christmassy meal with their friends and family over 17,000 miles away as if they're sitting at the same table.

Technology, eh?

Three and Samsung are the ones making it possible for people to get connected in the restaurant, but naturally, spaces are extremely limited, so if you fancy the sound of any of this, get in touch with your Aussie mate and book yourselves a table here. 

Head of brand and marketing communications at Three, Aislinn O’Connor, said they wanted people to be able to share their special Christmas moments with loved ones "far and near."

Speaking at the launch today, she said: "Christmas, in particular, is the time of year we all want to take time to catch up with family and friends but for many reasons not everyone can make it home for Christmas in Ireland.

The Connected Restaurant will only be open from Thursday November 29 to Sunday December 2, so if you're interested you'd want to get booking, tbh.