Irish company launches 1.5 litre wine 'Bagnum' - a magnum in a bag 2 years ago

Irish company launches 1.5 litre wine 'Bagnum' - a magnum in a bag

It'd be rude not to! *that awful tongue emoji*

We're right on the cusp of summer, lads. I can feel it, it's close, just a mere seven more hail showers to get through and we're there.


If the recent news about restrictions are anything to go by (and they very much better be), it look like we will be enjoying a summer after all - one dominated by outdoor dining, staycations, and of course, having a few tasty tipples in the park.

And while simply purchasing a bottle of wine is fine and dandy thing to do, would it not be classer to bag some wine... in a bag... instead? Yes, yes it would.

The guys over at WineLab have this week introduced their 1.5 litre Un’Ombra Bagnums, a litre and a half of premium wine nestled protectively in a handy bag, featuring a nozzle and everything.


And yes, while wine in bag form is nothing new, chances are you haven't rocked down to your local park with a magnum in such a handy and easily recyclable format.

Sourced from Friuli in Northern Italy, the new Bagnums are available in six litre and three litre boxes, as well as individual bags. The bags keep wine fresh for up to six weeks and with no glass they can be recycled in your home green bin.

No more hefting a load of bits down to the bottle bank on a Sunday morning. Sorted.

Each individual Bagnum costs €25.00 or you can buy a box of three for €50.00, or a box of six for €100. The range comes with three tasty wines to choose from: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, or a smooth Rosso.


You can pick yourself up a Bagnum from select stockists below, or order directly from WineLab's website here. They're currently accepting pre-orders now so you may as well get yourself sorted before the heat wave hits.

Stockists include: Bottle Shop Bray; Lennox Grocers; Neighbourhood Wines; BoCo and The Arch, Clifden.

Feature image credit: Lennox Grocers.