Kinder Chocolate toasties have taken over TikTok - and we can see why 1 year ago

Kinder Chocolate toasties have taken over TikTok - and we can see why

These little pockets of joy are cheap, cheerful and super easy to make.

The beauty of TikTok is that it allows users to come together and share food hacks galore.


Over the past few months, the network has inspired amateur chefs to embrace their inner Jamie Oliver with a number of viral recipes. And while that feta pasta makes a delicious main course, TikTok's latest food trend could be the dessert we all need.

Indeed, the social media platform has become a one-stop-shop for foodies looking to try out the latest trends. And, more often than not, these recipes are super easy.

Case in point - Adrian Ghervan's Kinder Chocolate toasties.

These bad boys are taking over TikTok and it's not very hard to see why.


For starters - they're delicious. I mean, the only thing nicer than a toastie is a toastie stuffed with Kinder chocolatey goodness.

Secondly, they're super easy to make. You only need two ingredients - white bread and some Kinder Chocolates. On top of that, these scrumptious little gems don't require any fancy equipment.

@adrianghervan on TikTok

To make these toasties, simply place four squares of Kinder Chocolate - the thin bars filled with creamy white chocolate - between two slices of white bread.

Next, grab your wine glass and use the rim to press into the bread. You should be left with a little circular pocket of joy.

Finally, pop your teeny sandwich into your toaster for two minutes. Once it's done, chop it in half and enjoy the carby goodness.

Perfect with a cup of tea.


Once you've got the super basic technique down, you can swap out your Kinder Chocolate filling for literally anything.

You want to pop a peanut butter cup in there instead? Go for it.

More of a caramel fiend? You do you.

Got some Ferrero Rocher you want to crumble up? Go wild, hon. The world is your oyster.