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This sounds delicious.

The lovely folks over at HB have teamed up with Insomnia to launch a brand new ice cream themed iced drink - the Brunch Icecap.

That's right, they've taken one of our favourite HB ice creams and have turned it into a refreshing drink. It's a smooth vanilla and strawberry blended frappe topped with a sprinkling of the Brunch crumbly biscuit.

It has just launched in stores today and costs €4.20.

If that wasn’t enough, Insomnia also has an array of delicious summer drinks, including the Oreo Icecap. The firm favourite is a combination of cookie, mixed with ice, milk and topped with cream and added OREO Crumbs.

Sure it's only bleedin' deadly #Girls With Goals! 


Listen to the brand new episode NOW in the link below. 

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