Move over iced coffee, whipped Nutella drinks are the beverage of the summer 2 years ago

Move over iced coffee, whipped Nutella drinks are the beverage of the summer

These icy drinks look ridiculously delicious.

As the weather warms up, you can always rely on TikTok to come through with the perfect iced-drink.


Last year, whipped coffee had its moment. This year, Calippo cocktails are taking centre stage.

However, the latest offering from the social platform might just be the most delicious yet.

That's right, whipped Nutella drinks are taking TikTok by storm, and it's easy to see why.

The hugely popular Chahrazad's Cuisine shared the recipe for these delicious drinks with her 1.2 million followers, and we cannot wait to give them a go ourselves.


The video shows Chahrazad adding one tablespoon of the delicious chocolate spread to 78 ml of cream. The chef whisks the the two together until the mix is deliciously frothy and sets them aside.

Next, she grabs another spoonful of Nutella and spreads it around the top of the glass before leaving it to chill in the freezer.

Once the chocolate spread has hardened, Chahrazad plops a generous amount of ice in the glass and fills it with milk. Finally, she adds the whipped Nutella cream, and the drink is good to go.


This TikToker goes all out and adds a Ferrero Rocher to the drink, as well as a Kinder Chocolate Bar for decoration, but how you choose to embellish the recipe is entirely up to you.

If Nutella isn't your jam (sorry), why not mix the recipe up with your favourite chocolate spread alternative?

If you're more partial to a white chocolate spread, then Tesco has you covered with their own smooth and sweet spread. You can also go darker by opting for a dark chocolate spread.

Additionally, this drink could easily be vegan by swapping out Nutella for Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Spread.


Similarly, oat, coconut or almond milk would go down just as well.