Non alcoholic Kopparberg is here to make your Dry January less horrific 3 years ago

Non alcoholic Kopparberg is here to make your Dry January less horrific


Let’s face it, January sucks. But we’ve got some news to brighten up your month.


Kopparberg has taken three of its most popular flavours; Strawberry & Lime, Mixed Fruit, and Pear and made them alcohol-free. But good news Kopparberg fans - there’s no compromise on taste.

The times they are a changin’. Fewer people are drinking alcohol and demand for low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks is increasing.

82 percent of people are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Once upon a time forgoing alcohol meant sipping on a soda all night, Kopparberg have answered the call with their Alcohol-Free range.


non alcoholic Non alcoholic Kopparberg

If you’re giving Dry January a rattle, are off to the pub with your mates, or are just tasked with being the designated driver try Kopparberg Alcohol-Free flavours.


Claire Gavin, Brand Manager for Kopparberg in Ireland, said:


“Our Alcohol-Free range is perfect for those looking for a less indulgent treat after the festive season. Whether you’re embarking on Dry January, cutting down on drinking or just fancy something different Kopparberg offer a refreshing alternative without missing out on the taste and experience.”

This Dry January, and every month for that matter, the Kopparberg Alcohol-Free range is available in all major retailers and a growing number of bars across Ireland (look out for the blue ringed label to distinguish from your usual favourites).

Don't mind if we do.