Oreo Tacos could be the hybrid dessert of our DREAMS 3 years ago

Oreo Tacos could be the hybrid dessert of our DREAMS

To begin with... these are NOT healthy, and we're not even sorry.

With Paddy's Day just around the corner, we're practically on our holidays, so it's ok to treat ourselves right?


The couple behind YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood had a competition to see who could make the best Tacoreos, what are Tacoreos we hear you ask?

Well... they have all the perks of the traditional Oreo cookie made in the traditional Mexican Taco style. Enough said.

You really just need to watch the magic happen;


You can find the full list of ingredients and directions here, we're not sure about the taco stand, we think a couple of books would suffice.

Instagram also have some nice variations of the Tacoreo.


Tacoreo Cupcakes ??? #kaydeecakery #tacoreos #tacoreocupcakes #cincodemayo

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We're all over this firstly because of the sheer cookie delight of it, and secondly, you rarely get the opportunity to eat dessert with your hands.


This could be that opportunity. You are welcome.