We finally know which crisp packet contains the most amount of AIR 3 years ago

We finally know which crisp packet contains the most amount of AIR

It's always a bit disappointing.

If you have a sweet spot for crisps, then you know the feeling when you're about to launch into them.


You grab a packet, open the bag... and then it's only half full, sometimes less than half full. Lame.

Thing is, you eat the whole thing anyway, but then want more because one packet is just not enough. You make your way through two or three and then have to stop yourself because you think grease is coming out of your pores.

It's not - and you're not eating as much as you think you are because, hey, guess what? Crisp packets are made up of AIR.

A recent study by Siege Media has found just how much air is in some packets of crisps and the results are absolutely sh*t.


So, without further ado, here the top 7:

  1. Cheetos – 59 percent air
  2. Doritos – 48 percent air
  3. Kettle Chips – 47 percent air
  4. PopChips – 45 percent air
  5. Walkers – 41 percent air
  6. Walkers Baked – 38 percent air
  7. Pringles – 28 percent

Armed with this knowledge, you can now choose which brand is the best value for money and then choose wisely. We're pretty disappointed with Cheetos because nearly 60 percent air is an absolute crime.

However, we shall be firmly holding onto our love of Pringles.