Six tips for creating delish gin cocktails this Christmas 1 year ago

Six tips for creating delish gin cocktails this Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...

By ensuring that your gin cocktails are just as fabulous as your new glitzy outfit.


Yep, whether you are planning on hosting a party, or just want to up your gin game to create even better and tastier cocktails than ever before, well... we have you sorted.

Here's six tips and tricks that will ensure your gin is the talk of the town.

1. Get some swanky glassware.

A large, wide glass, like a balloon glass is IDEAL for gin. Gin is a delicate, aromatic spirit and the bigger the surface area of the glass, the more likely you are to enjoy the full experience of your drink, plus the bigger the glass, the more fruit and garnish it can hold giving your gin that extra oomph.

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2. Bring on the chill.


The cooler, the better when it comes to drinking gin. Chill your glass in the fridge before you use it. When making your drink, fill your glass with ice all the way up to the brim - it will melt more slowly as a result. If your drink is well chilled it will stay fizzier for longer too. Win win.

3. Garnish garnish, GARNISH. 

It's all about experimenting here! Cucumber ribbons or watermelon cubes work well and for those after something slightly more intense the citrus flavours of lime or grapefruit should do the trick. For Christmas, try seasonal berries, a little warming black pepper or honeycomb. Just remember not to overpower the natural botanicals and aromas of the gin with something too herbal or too sweet.

4. If in doubt, call the experts. 


The best way to learn is from the experts. So, the next time you’re in the bar ordering a gin, ask the bartender for some new suggestions to switch it up for the party season, they will be more than happy to help.

5. Don’t be a slave to tonic.

This is my weakness. Like many I am forever pairing my gin with tonic but did you know you can enjoy your fave gin with a variety of accompaniments. If you’re accustomed to gin, why not give it a go on the rocks and appreciate it in a new way? If you prefer a mixer, try topping your gin with ginger-ale and garnishing with a wedge of lime.


6. Try not to cause a stir. 

Over-stirring or indeed over-shaking can leave you with a weak, watery or cloudy cocktail. Stir ever so gently to avoid disrupting the delicate, gentle aromas and botanicals of your gin.

We are certainly ready to shake it up with friends thanks to these tips from Jawbox Gin. Instagram at the ready, these cocktails will be ones to watch.