The Cinderella Latte is the dreamy Starbucks drink you need to try this autumn 2 years ago

The Cinderella Latte is the dreamy Starbucks drink you need to try this autumn

Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte is officially back.

And one Disney fan has come up with a delicious-sounding way to turn the autumnal coffee drink into something a bit more magical.


Introducing the Cinderella Latte - which sounds absolutely dreamy. 

Instagram user @happiestteesonearth took to the platform to share how to create the drink. And while it's a pretty simple concept, it looks like it has been a massive hit with fans.

Their post was originally shared last year, but has been doing the rounds once again.

They captioned the Instagram post:


"The now famous Cinderella Latte has been spreading magic at coffee shops everywhere this Fall.

"Raise your hand if you have already tried my Disney inspired version of the classic Pumkin Spice Latte?!

"I still CANNOT believe the number of DM’s, posts and stories that are still coming in."

The Instagram user explained that they came up with the idea when they were a barista for Starbucks, where they came up with some Disney-inspired drinks to "spread a little magic to my customers and coworkers."

As for how the Cinderella Latte is created?


According to @happiestteesonearth, you begin by ordering a Pumpkin Spice Latte - either the hot version, the iced version or the blended Frappuccino version.

Substitute half of the Pumpkin Spice pumps with White Mocha. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, you can try full pumps of each.

"The white pumpkin reminded me of Cinderella’s coach and that’s why I call it the Cinderella Latte," they added.

Instagram is full of people ordering their own versions of the Cinderella Latte - and it seems to be an absolute hit with coffee fans.


We DEFINITELY need to try this.