There's a cheese and wine festival happening in April 5 years ago

There's a cheese and wine festival happening in April

Dreams do come true.

From the 'Prosecco Festival' to the 'Cheese Bar' to the 'Cheese and Wine Festival', the good food news just keeps on coming.


The festival, with entry free of charge (just when you thought it couldn't get any better), takes place in Stratford's East Village this April.

The two-day event is on from 12-6pm on Saturday 1 April and 11am-4pm on Sunday 2 April, in London, and just wait until you hear what's involved.


Obviously, there will be all types of cheese, from fancy-schmancy gourmet varieties to cheeseburgers.

Then there's wine, sparkling wine and craft beer and the icing on the proverbial chocolate brands will also be setting up stalls so you can sample their wares.

Workshops are also an option if you feel like swotting up on all things cheese and wine. To be fair, I can think of worst ways to pass the time.

See you there...