This TikTok is giving away all of McDonald's secrets 1 year ago

This TikTok is giving away all of McDonald's secrets

We need all the gossip.

We've always heard rumours about the behind the scenes at McDonald's, from a supposed secret menu to the real reason the ice cream machine is always broke, and we finally have some answers.


One McDonald's employee is giving away all the secrets and naturally, it's gone viral as everyone is dying to know what really goes on there.

New York based TikToker Ashton posted a rather revealing video about some of the most asked things when it comes to the fast food chain that we need to know, and her biggest one? The milkshakes.

Ashton did note that this varies from restaurant to restaurant, but interesting nonetheless.

"99.9% of the time, the ice cream machine is not broken," she explains. "There are three reasons why we tell you it's broken. One: It's being cleaned. It's cleaned on the clock. Two: It’s in 'heat mode', so for whatever reason the ice cream is hot in there. Three: If we're extremely busy, and we're understaffed, and we're backed up with cars, a lot of the time, we'll just not serve ice cream until the rush is over."

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Then she gets to the secret menu, and to shatter all of our dreams, it doesn't exist.

"The secret menu doesn’t exist. The only ‘secret’ is that you can customise any item on the menu, and we’ll do it," she said.


So what else did she reveal? Ashton said that there are certain things that are actually cooked fresh in every restaurant, which a lot of people were surprised by.

"Quarter meat is fresh. It’s in a fridge. It’s not frozen," she explains. "We drop it in every time we get an order. So, if you want something fresh, order a quarter pounder."

The video has garnered more than six and a half million views in only a few days, with fellow former McDonald's employees backing her up in the comments.