Zero calorie gin exists but we don't know if we'd want to drink it 4 years ago

Zero calorie gin exists but we don't know if we'd want to drink it


Gin is great, everybody knows this. It's delicious, it's versatile, and it only costs about €10 a pop for a glass these days. Unreal.


That being said, gin is also full of a load of calories meaning that if you drink too much of it you can be left feeling boated, full, and basically just a bit shit, really.

The average measure of gin works out at about 60 calories. Combined with tonic and that's taken up to about 120 calories depending on what mixer you're using.

So considering the average person probably has about five G&Ts every time they go out (they do, yeah), that a lot of extra calories that aren't really worth it, to be honest.


Enter zero calorie gin.

It's gin, it'll get your drunk, and it contain legit zero of the calories.

Sounds like the perfect drink, right?

Except it's not. It's really not. Because this isn't a gin you can drink. This is a gin you have to inhale.



Whitley Neill has teamed up with experimental events company, Lick Me I’m Delicious just in time for World Gin Day on June 9 to create a gin that isn't a drinkable drink, but a drinkable mist.

Yes, really.


The gin is a stream of continuous mist created using mechanical orbs that can be sucked up through a straw to give the drinker a serious gin hit.

And it's zero calorie too. Did we mention that?

If you're looking to get your lips around this mist though, you'll have to take a little flight to London because that's the only place you're going to get it.

The Grafton, the London Cocktail Club and Jerusalem Bar and Kitchen will all have the gin mist on offer for a limited time.

The orbs will be trialled at these spots between 5pm and 10pm on Saturday, with hopes to add them to more bars as time goes on.


Could be getting our mist on soon, lads.